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Happy New Year SOULDiers!!!!!!!

It’s a New Year! A new chance to be great! A Blessing! And I THANK YOU!!

2015 was a trying year for me. Running and owning an entertainment, celebrity and news blogsite is not easy to do. I’ve dedicated a huge part of my life to my work and it’s always an accomplishment and a blessing when hard work pays off. This blog is growing and has been since inception 2013 AD, and 2015 was the greatest year of all, through it all.

This year I wrote over 270 articles, reached an all time high with over 10,000 visitors in ONE DAY back in October, and over 12,000 views in the same day. I’ve had retweets, mentions, and shares from legends like Missy Elliott, David Banner, Toni Braxton, and D’Angelo. Missy Elliott even followed me on Twitter!!

My blog’s new Twitter account went from 0 to over 150 followers in just a few months! My S.E.O (search engine optimization) is higher, and my Alexa rank is in the low hundred thousands out of millions!! I’ve been accepted into the exclusive WordsAds program on wordpress, and I’ve ended with over 100,000 views to my blogsite in 2015!

All in all, I’m grateful and excited for 2016. There was so many amazing things that happened to me through this blog, too many to name, but as it grows, and as I, Tahir Register grow, the maturity and outlook of the blogsite will too. Greater post, harder hitting topics, more do it yoself gains, more original webisodes, podcasting, expanding my team…well…building a team since I am the team…Ha!

All in all, thank you for reading and subscribing. To the over 2000 email subscribers bless you all…to all of my consistent readers Ms. Monroe, bless you all!! Thank you and i’ll see you next year right here at TheBLACKMedia.org


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