[News] Texas Grand Jury Indicts Officer Encinia In Sandra Blands Murder Case LOOK:


Some Justice..May be served?

Sandra Bland’s case has a new spark. Officer Encinia the policemen who arrested Sandra was indicted today for perjury, a misdemeanor charge FOX calls it. Perjury is against the law, it’s when someone lies under oath. Hopefully more about the case will be revealed.

Officer Encinia lied about HOW he arrested Sandra. What he told the courts and the station was not what was shown in the video, in the video he says to Sandra “I will light you up” while holding a stun gun to an unarmed, non-violent, innocent woman. Three days later Sandra was mysteriously murdered, but it was and still is reported as a suicide, none of which anyone is buying, not even her family.


Justice was served today, but remember this is the same jury who found no indictment on anyone else, so there’s much to be looked into, this case is not over.


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