[VIDEO] Kevin Hart Delivers An Important Message To Men About Responsibility In Relationships WATCH:


He’s A lot More Than Jokes…

Kevin Hart sat down with The Breakfast Club to dish about his latest projects, “Ride Along 2” and his new animation cartoon movie and so much more. In the midst of his humor and  busy list of things to get done in 2016, Kevin Hart laid down some pure knowledge and wisdom about relationships and responsibility. Yes, before you get all bent out of shape, it applies to Women as well, but as a Man it spoke to me. Kevin Hart owned up to his wrong doings and took responsibility for his huge part in why is marriage didn’t work and how learning his lesson made him a better Human being for his current blessings and his current soon to be Wife WATCH:

Take note, take responsibility, learn your lessons from the ones who are continuously growing right before your eyes, it’s because of prayer, strength and will power, the need to want to be a better Human being…it can happen, right Jemila? 



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