[VIDEO] Brandy’s Exclusive Chat With Billboard About Her New Song “Beggin & Pleadin” WATCH:


Brandy’s New Sound, Is Slated To Be Her Best Yet!

After the release and much talked about song “Beggin & Pleadin” Brandy finally opens up about the origins of the song, the feelings and what she plans to do this year. An exclusive behind the scenes, in depth conversation with Billboard she even let’s us in on the release, it wasn’t planned it was just something in her spirit after hearing the mix, “God is that you”. An empowering song she cannot wait to perform live, and we cannot wait to see her perform it live WATCH:

“This particular song is freedom,” Brandy says of her raw and gritty single “Beggin & Pleadin.” “[It’s] liberty to express myself in the most interesting, edgiest way possible.” 


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