Azealia Banks Release’s New Single “The Big BIG Beat” Spittin’ That Fire And Giving Us Unique Vocals LISTEN:


She’s Back, And She’s Bringing That Original Fire…

Azealia Banks new single “The Big BIG Beat” is that record! It’s a hiphop house fusion, not straying far away from what we love about Azealia Banks, singing, rapping, but with a different spin on the vocal. While the entire record is def something you can B-Boy dance to, go awf on the skating rink floor to, it’s the hook with the animated flexed vocals that makes the song sore. “You’ve Been round the world looking for love in the strangest places, Don’t you think it’s time you confess your love to me?” I imagine that’s the part at the cookout where your favorite aunty screams; “yesss that’s my shit” while holding her favorite adult drink. Ha! This record is flames upon flames, don’t believe me? LISTEN:

Try not to dance…I dare you

Keeping true to form it seems as if Azealia Banks means it when she says she’s always putting on new producers. An Expresso produced this record, and oh boy did he kill it! Considering he is not famous, or well known with very little followers on Twitter, it certainly speaks for Azealia Banks love for pure music! Don’t you think?


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