Adrienne Bailon Is White?! The Latina Singer/Actress Traced Her History And This Is What They Found WATCH:


Learning Your Ancestry Can Be Shocking, But Knowledgable…

Latina born Adrienne Bailon, singer (Cheetah Girls/3LW), Actress, and now talk show host finds out she’s white! During a hilarious, and amazing episode of THE REAL, Adrienne and the cast trace their roots to find out where they come from. When it was Adrienne’s turn, she was shocked to find out that her Puerto Rican mother and Ecuadorian father did not exactly have a Latin baby girl, but instead a 28% Native American, 57% European, 8% West Asian, and 7% Afrikan baby girl.

As you can see her latin heritage stems from the 36 percent Iberian Peninsula which is in Europe, but is heavily a latin community including Spain and Portugal.


This episode was hilarious and extremely fun to watch, but it was also inspiring. No Adrienne is not only white, she’s practically everything, which lets you know that we are all united in some way. History tells us time and time again that love conquers all, and that we all come from the same place, Adrienne’s story is one of millions. So yes, laugh, get excited, share the video, etc. But take from it the message that is, we are all intermingled and woven together…and it’s ok!

Watch The Full 3 Part Series On Youtube

Sidebar: Did ya’ll see how she leaped when that 7 percent Afrikan popped up! Hilarious! I LOVE HER!


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  1. I think this was hilarious and exciting!! How can I have this done for myself? People have been telling me my whole life, I have some kind of accent and have asked if I was Carribien, Beliezian, African or Ethiopian.

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