Traci Braxton Is The Voice Behind The Viral “Hey Michelle” Video That Prompted President Obama’s Response WATCH:


Hey Michelle!!!!!!!!!

That’s right! Traci Braxton of The Braxton Family Vaules and the Braxton Sisters is the voice that sparked President Obama to say;

The video went viral, probably because President Obama un-appolegically showed support for his people, and Black History Month by mentioning the two. Traci Braxton let TheBLACKMedia know…it was actually her that sparked the video.

In true fashion, people of colour have been and will always be very expressive people, and instead of hushing Traci up, he embraced her WATCH:

Making Black History Traci Braxton is the first woman to shout at the First Lady and get embraced by the President of the United States for her cultural expression. Ha!!! Pushing it? Oh well…


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