Tyrese Gibson Makes His Directorial Debut “The BlackBook” A Mini Movie With V Bozeman And Tank LOOK:


Not Just An Actor Singer or Dancer…A Quadruple Threat!

Tyrese Gibson, aka, Tyrese is full of surprises and working harder than ever. Coming a long way from the kid in the Pepsi commercial singing his butt off, and dancing behind Usher, to a platinum selling R&B star, to an accomplished actor, a top charting group member with TGT, his own Talk Show with Rev Run, and now a director, and studio owner with Voltron Studios. Say what you want about the kid, but the kid out here working!


He took to Instagram to announce his latest project;

Everyone said they knew it was coming……..my #directorial debut……On Easter Sunday I’m releasing a mini movie called “TheBlackBook” with the mission of R&B resurrection on the mind… thank you to the crew and cast and extras you guys were all amazing……. @vbozemanand @therealtank are gonna shock people with what level we took it to… Shout to 2 the real champions Matt Alonzo, Tara, Mike, Poncho……,. And the queen of execution ISABELLA CASTRO!!!!!!!!!


Considering Tyrese’s experience in film, Tanks experience as an actor, which I believe is great, and V Bozeman, who’s the next biggest star in film and music I think this mini movie will be one to watch! Tyrese all I’m saying is, let me see it before it comes out so I can write a review on it! Ha! Are you guys excited for this movie?!


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  1. Oh My MY I Love This Movie ,actors, songs,thank u all for this amazing job! !!!! Thank u Tyrese u touch my heart and bad memories on my life with this !!!! Love always

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