Aww Snap!! Facebook Redesigns The “Like Button” With “Facebook Reactions” LOOK:


Facebook Like Button Get’s A Boost!

I guess all my proverbial writing has finally paid off! Facebook’s popular “LIKE BUTTON” has a new design with new additions as well. I noticed it today after publishing an article post. I do not use Facebook on my cellphone, as a matter of fact I don’t even have it downloaded, so I may be late to the game. However, computer users, welcome to the new design! Facebook now has Facebook reactions, which many have been asking for a change in only having the “like” button, and now its here!

When Facebook first announced a while back that they were going to be changing the way we “like” posts they brought up the fact that they didn’t want to add a “dislike button”. There was even a survey. I think a dislike button is better than the button they chose to have, but hey, what do I know? Overall I love the additions, its visually pleasing, and makes for an expansion of emotions, because do we really “like” everything!?

The new buttons are as follows: LIKE, LOVE, HAHA, WOW, SAD, & ANGRY. To use it, simply scroll over the “LIKE” button and choose which best represents your thoughts of the post, status, video etc.


To me, a dislike button is way less controversial than an angry button, but ha! We’ll see…What do you think?


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