Tina Campbell “Speak The Word” Music Video Feat. Husband Teddy Campbell Is Electrifying WATCH:

Try Not To Get Lifted…I Dare You!

Tina Campbell has carved her own lane. 1/2 of Mary Mary, she is strong alone. After sister Erica Campbell decided she wanted a solo career, and Tina and Teddy’s (her husband) public infidelity, Tina wrote a book, and wrote songs to go along with it, which spawned her latest album. It made Tina Campbell a budding solo artist, and a great one with powerful songs like “Destiny” and of course “Speak The Word”.

After her controversy return to her husband Teddy, it’s more than beautiful to see them in this video together not only singing, but enjoying each others company, and of course the family joins in praise in this 1920s ode to the Black Church this is some of Derek Blanks best work…WATCH:

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