J.J. Abrams Writer & Director Of Stars Wars Changes Policy For Diversity Inclusion #DiversityWins LOOK:


The Right Step Out Of The white Direction…

J.J Abrams, known best as the leader of The new age Star Wars reboot, is a huge name in Hollywood. A well respected writer, director, and executive producer, who has no issue with getting 100 million dollar budgets to front his films. J.J Abrams is the same man involved with casting John Boyega and Lupita N’yongo to star in his movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He is a major deal, so for J.J to be disgusted with what’s been happening in Hollywood as a person who can make or break a career, it’s important for him to be front and center in rectifying this tragic white wash industry by adding diversity. Here’s what he told the NY TIMES;

“‘What we realized was, it has to be a systematic approach,’ of asking for diverse crews and artists…’The Oscar issue was symptomatic of a problem; it wasn’t the problem,’ Mr. Abrams added. ‘The Oscars is the last stop on the train. The first stop is what gets made.’

[J.J. Abrams] sent a memo last week to studios and agents announcing a new policy at his production company, Bad Robot, requiring that any lists of writers, directors, actors and others to be considered for a project should “be at the very least representative of the country we live in. Which roughly breaks down to: 50 percent women, 12 percent black, 18 percent Hispanic, 6 percent Asian.” –MORE HERE

Hopefully the Memo that he sent out to major Hollywood companies and “big wigs” listen, comprehend the struggle and implement changes effective immediately. I pray this is not a stunt of some sort to act like change is coming, but nothing actually gets done. The latter is apart of the Afrikan American history, once we make noise and see a bit of change, the noise stops, and so does the change, let’s hope George Clooney and others who’ve spoken out against this truly make the changes needed…Even though I believe JJ’s heart is in the right place, we will see.


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