Zendaya Lands A Possible Lead Role “Michelle” On The SpiderMan Reboot LOOK:


Another Spider-Man reboot? I’m Here For It!!

Zendaya secretly auditioned and was tested for this particular role. Michelle is supposedly the characters name. Sony and Marvel studios have been working hard to make this reboot different, yet entertaining, and serving to those hardcore fans who enjoy the Spidy comic books. Zendaya’s a great actress worthy to be featured in a huge film like Spider-Man, but I wonder if her role as Michelle will play well with fans. Also, is Michelle the new Mary Jane, or Gwen?

Even though I wanted Yazz From Empire to play Spider-Man, which would’ve been perfect for Zendaya to play the love interest, I’m sure Tom Holland would be great. Either way, Im excited! From disney star, to accomplished singer, her fans would absolutely come out to see this movie. Check out her latest music video, stunning isn’t she? Not to mention that voice WATCH:


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