K. Michelle World Premiere Video “MindFul” | She Talking That Sh*T! It’s Hilarious But Dope WATCH:


Does K. Michelle Have Barz?

K. Michelle is on the tips of everyones tongue lately. After being vocal about the racism she faces in the music industry, her hit reality show, her new restaurant in Atlanta, her return to Love and Hiphop Atlanta, and of course her latest album More Issues Than Vogue, she is killing the game! K. Michelle’s latest record “Mindful” debuted on Facebook, and it’s everything you’d expect from such a big personality. It’s pretty and colourful, sh*t talking and bold, lyrics that’ll make you want to meme, repeat, and say yesss to, and of course some good ol’ fashion shade that makes you wonder, who she talm bout? Hilarious!!! I love it, WATCH:

More Issues Than Vogue iTunes

Fav Lyric Moments:

“….You keep sayin’ you the illest bitch
But I still feel like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill
If you was determined to still feel like you was deservin’ to be real
Then you would’ve learned it a long time ago….”

“….You only got six seconds, I’ll vine a ho
I’mma get mine fa’sho
Ya got one more time, ya ho
So don’t be sorry, be mindful, ho…”

You can download the single by clicking the above link…what do ya’ll think of it? 


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