Six Degrees Of Separation How Martin Lawrence, Kid N Play, And Salt-N-Pepa Rose To Fame Together LOOK:

Don’t Burn Your Bridges…Seriously…You Just Never Know…

It’s an old cliché; “six degrees of separation”. It’s this idea that everyone and everything is always only just six moments, steps, or people away from each other. No one, and nothing is unreachable! But when you couple it with another cliché “don’t burn your bridges” it becomes even more truthful, and powerful, and of course TheBLACKMedia has an example for you!

Martin Lawrence, Kid ‘n Play, and Salt-N-Pepa have gone on to have mega careers and break down barriers for the Afrikan American community and the respective communities in each of their fields. Martin Lawrence became a legendary mega comedian and actor starring in huge films like “Bad Boys” (one and two) and of course his hit tv show “Martin”. Kid ‘n Play became rap legends and scored cult movies like “Class Act” and “House Party”. Salt-N-Pepa became a multiplatinum legendary rap-girl group known for songs like “Push It” and “Shoop”. What do they all have in common you ask? SEARS!!!!!

Martin, Salt-N-Pepa, and Kid ‘n Play all worked together at the Sears department store in New York in the 80s! How amazing is that?! While working at Sears, Salt, Cheryl James, remembers meeting Martin, Kid ‘n Play and various others and sharing their hopes and dreams with each other. Cheryl recollects telling Martin, and Kid ‘n Play while working at Sears that she and Pepa, Sandra Denton, were going to be a huge rap group. She remembers Martin replying that he was going to be a major comedian, and the same for Kid ‘n Play about what they wanted to do. They all went on to succeed in those dreams, but not alone. Salt remembers telling everyone that no matter who becomes successful first, they would help them out and pull them up as they rise, and that’s exactly what happened!

Salt and Pepa gained success first. Keeping their word, Salt and Pepa remembered Martin and allowed Martin to open for them as a comedian!! Next in line was Kid ‘n Play. Remembering Martin Lawrence and their “pact” Kid ‘n Play invited Martin to open for them, but on Tour! Kid ‘n Play sights that tour as Martins first experience touring. Once Martin Lawrence became who we know him to be today, having his hit show, and comedy tours, Martin looked to Kid ‘n Play when he got his green light for “Martin” the hit tv show. Kid, Christopher Reid of Kid ‘n Play is the actual voice and producer of the famous opening to “Martin”! Yes! That’s Kid!! Many thought it was Kid Capri, but it was Christopher who vocalized “Martin” as Kid Capri would do it, and sampled himself into the production becoming an iconic opening to this day.

But wait…there’s more.

Becoming one of, if not the first rapper/hip hop star to have his own fashion career, Play from Kid ‘n Play, Christopher Martin designed the famous jackets Salt-N-Pepa wore during their “Push It” days!! Christopher Martin also designed Martin Lawrence’s early styles during the Def Comedy Jam series! I cannot make this stuff up people!

There are many lessons to learn in this. Do not burn your bridges, speak things into existence, keep the promises you make, and unify by helping your fellow man, pull each other up! Their story is just one of many, I’m sure, but if they can go on to have enormous careers then just imagine what you could do. We are all just six degrees of separation away from making each others dreams come true!

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