#BLACKFACTS: Did You Know Whitney Houston Executive Produced 5 Hit Movies

More Than Just A Singer, She Provided Jobs That Changed Lives…

Whitney Houston’s production company Brown House Productions is responsible for launching some of the biggest careers in the industry today. Anne Hathaway, Adrienne Bialon, The Cheetah Girls, Brandy, and many more. Brown House Productions executive produced, produced, and co-shared responsibilities for the following movies:

Cinderella: Starring Brandy as Cinderella, a movie that took years to make. Whitney Houston was asked to play Cinderella, but felt she didn’t fit the part, as an executive, she made the decision to have Brandy play the meek beauty. The film went on to be one of the most watched made for tv films with over 60million viewers, Emmy Nominated, Brandy as the first B.L.A.C.K Cinderella and its cult classic to date!

Princess Diaries  Starring Anne Hathaway in her debut film! That’s Right! Even though you’ve never heard Anne speak of Whitney, or thank Whitney publicly, her very first film was, in-part, because of Whitney Houston! Anne has gone on to become a major player in Hollywood and she has Whitney Houston to thank for helping to start her career in a movie that made over 100 million dollars and garnered a smash hit sequel Princess Diaries 2 and a possible 3rd movie.

The Cheetah Girls: Starring Raven Symone, Adrienne Bailon, Sabrina Bryan, and Kiely Williams. Now a cult classic, this movie was Disney’s Channels most watch original film! It helped re-launch careers for Adrienne and Kiely and it put Sabrina Bryan on the map while solidifying Raven Symone’s legacy. The soundtrack was double platinum and the movie received two sequels! Cheetah Girls 2 and 3 in which Cheetah Girls 2, at over 8 million viewers, was the most watched debut in Disney’s history, beating out High School Musical.

Whitney Houston was more than “The Voice”. Whitney was the complete package. She supplied jobs to countless people, and created great television for everyone to love. If Cinderella, Princess Diaries, The Cheetah Girls, Princess Diaries 2, The Cheetah Girls 2, and her last project before her untimely death, Sparkle, does not change your thinking of the Queen, well…it should! The media only talks about the negative when itcomes to people of colour. They made Amy Winehouse seem like a tortured soul who just couldn’t win the battle beloved by millions, and consistently make Whitney Houston seem like a crack-head from Newark Nj. Hopefully…this changed your thoughts.

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