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An Education You Won’t Get In School….

Dick Gregory, widely known as one of the first major Afrikan American comedians, is so much more then just a hilarious man. Dick Gregory is an Activist, a Political Leader, a Social Rights Leader, Business Man and an inspiration. He speaks the truth, and he doesn’t hold back. Unapologetically connecting the dots of white supremacy and their rule of the world, out loud, Dick Gregory has survived through the years over coming the cancer “they” put in his body, and the death threats. A Woke B.L.A.C.K Man in white amerikkka, still alive and kicking, and speaking the truth, the truth that hurts to hear. Now 83 years old, Dick Gregory heads to the worlds most popular and most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 and drops knowledge so deep, it will change your spirit once you’re done watching.

#BLACKFacts: Dick Gregory was almost president of the United States with 9million votes from VA machines was supposedly thrown out for malfunction…

A Long 1 hour and 30 minute interview that should be watched in colleges and universities across the world. Dick Gregory trended on Twitter, and Facebook worldwide, so millions were taught, but its not enough to trend one day, they should implement this video these lessons and this truth in schools to educate B.L.A.C.K folks, and white folks to be kind, humble, gentle souls. Now many of you won’t watch the interview because of it’s length, so here are some highlights.

Dick speaks about the mystery of Easter. Jesus was killed, they say, on a Friday and on the 3rd day, Jesus rose. Sat, Sun, Monday. Dick Gregory notes “…white folks do anything they want to. You can’t be killed in two different months…” complaining about how one year Easter is in March and another year its in April. Fishy aint it?

When asked by Charlemagne what his message for B.L.A.C.K folks were this year Dick responded with a hilarious, but truth statement; “RUN”. Dick goes on to explain “the game” white supremacy plays on our minds. He equated that with the “fear” of Isis siting in conundrum; “the mightiest white nation scared of isis? trillion dollar satellites but they aint see isis coming?”. Leaving us with great questions asked, but no answer from those in power, which makes you wonder, what that entire scandal was all about…

SuperB.L.A.C.K: Unapologetically un-opressed, vocal about the wrong doings of people of colour and has an exception immense love for people who look, act, talk, and walk like you. A pride so strong it exceeds all understanding.

As we get deeper into the interview Dick Gregory reveals he ran for president in the late 60s. He joked, but left you to believe it would’ve happened if he was President he’d “rip up the rose garden and plant watermelon seeds, no state dinners it’ll be watermelon lunches spitting the seeds on Pennsylvania ave…”. A hilarious description, but an honest one. What Would You Do If You Were Super B.L.A.C.K And Became President?

Dick’s wisdom is amazing! He states profoundly in reference to white folks not seeing B.L.A.C.Ks not considering them Human or Equal; “…once you become nothing in somebodies eyes you become invisible, white folks laughing at black folks because of our zoots suits, red shoes, green shirt, purple hat, they’d laugh ha aha haha… cause’ in order for you to laugh at me you gotta see me. ..”. Profound! Charlemagne asked if maybe there was a connection with how “flashy” a lot of people of colour are today. Gregory responded, maybe. We wanted to be seen, to be seen as equal, or just to be seen period in a world that often shuns us.

“…you hear people say….aint no ugly children…well show me an ugly adult and we can trace that back to the child…”

Even in entertainment, it was difficult, Gregory says, for comedians of his time because “…they’d (whites) let you sing, dance, and carry on, but they wouldn’t let you stand flat footed and speak because then they’d see just how brilliant you are.” White folks didn’t know about B.L.A.C.Ks because they weren’t ever around them, so the only thing they knew was what they saw in film and tv, so if you put a B.L.A.C.K comedian in front of white folks telling jokes and showing his intellect, white supremacist didn’t want that.

“…the people that run the world aint never been to college use dyslexic when they can’t read or write but I’m stupid when i can’t read…?”

Gregory continued the interview and spoke about many things including: Who actually created the cotton gin, how ownership works, Henry Ford, who invented cars, Dr. George Washington Carver invented the cars plant, God, Adam and Eve’s mixed up story that doesn’t add up, the real author of Roots, prostitution created for white men because slaves didn’t have money to pay for sex, the term “Hunky” came from the sound of a car indicated “Where here” when whites would go to certain neighborhoods looking for sex, how whites let B.L.A.C.K slaves nurse their children but they’d walk their own dogs, and how he is protected by the real God and that’s why he’s been kept all these years knowing what he knows.

Dick even gave us the history of BOOTY! When thieves would steal the loot they’d take was called “booty”. Afrikan American men started calling women “booty and women aint been free since, she’s a strong sister but we call our cars beautiful..”, which I thought was profound, this idea of objectifying women so badly that women are caged by it, but Men would go to hell and back for an item, like a car. He sited that women, the word Her, in connection to Hurricanes are the reason for the natural disasters that come from West Afrika, and travels the same lines as the slave trade to the caribbean, touches ground in the caribbean and heads up the east coast to Maine close to Canada but never touches Canada because its the Afrikan slaves revenge against what happened to them during the take over.

All in all, the interview was amazing, liberating and there was one thread throughout, but humble, be kind, be gentle, be Human! If you watch this interview and you’re not laughing, and learning, see a Doctor! It was beautiful!


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