Black Girls Rock 2016 Highlights & Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, & Lauryn Hill Performance WATCH:


          This year’s Black Girls Rock award show was even more fulfilling than last years! Beautiful women of colour, little girls, entertainers, entrepreneurs just a audience full of B.L.A.C.K Rock Stars!! Hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross, this year she braved it alone while hosting parter Regina King was away on business. We missed Regina, especially after the amazing opening which would have been even more amazing with Regina, but Tracee held it down like no other! There were several performances and quotes that stood out the most for me:



“They Say Our Black is not beautiful but can be bought and sold to enhance the beauty of other people…” – 


“…But I had a Black girl that rocked in my family…I called her..MOM” 


“…I am so grateful to be a Black woman that I would be so jealous if I was anything else…” 

Jazmine Sullivan – Performing “Masterpiece” So Beautifully:

Brandy – Performing “Beggin & Pleadin” Like No Other Could!!

Lauryn Hill – Blessing Us With “Lost Ones” Electrifying:


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  1. Those were awesome moments! I wish you would also highlight the ladies who sang my fav EWF song of all time! They did a beautiful job! Thanks!

  2. I loved the show! The women were so inspiring & empowering that their personal speeches feed my spirit it feed my soul. I am a black girl that rocks!

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