Spike Lee & Bernie Sanders On The Political Revolution To Make The U.S Whole Again WATCH:


A Political Revolution. .. And Spike Lee Is Here For It, And His Kids…

     Spike Lee, Oscar award winning Director, a legend in the industry is not shy speaking out. Spike gives his strong support for Bernie Sanders, who seems to be winning with most woke Afrikan Americans, not that those who chose Hilary are not woke, but it seems like there are a lot of conscience people who can relate to Bernie, and Spike is one of them. In this brief interview clip Spike and Bernie talks about what needs to happen to heal Amerikkka, in which I agree with Bernie 100 percent…this is what Bernie had to say;

“Bring people together to tell the billionaire class they can’t have it all…”

   I have no idea who i’m voting for yet, but I’ve written about Hilary and Bernie twice, I’m still undecided, but what’s important is that you exercise your right to vote, which means voting, or not voting. Here at The BLACK Media we do not judge you for not voting, and we do not judge you for voting, we simply suggest that you do some research, feel the candidates out and pick a side, vote, and have the experience. In the end if it doesn’t work out for you, that’s cool too, but it seems like Spike Lee’s children are on his side voting with Bernie, while his wife, Hilary, either way, they’ve chosen a side and so can you:

Spike Lee even went so far as to produce and direct an ad for the Bernie Sanders Campaign. You guys already know, Anything Spike does, its going to be EPIC, and I must say, this ad…Was POWERFUL!!!! Watch:

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