Maxwell New Single “Lake By The Ocean” Is Classic Soul R&B Romance A Reminder Of Love:

Maxwell Exudes Beauty And Soul

     Maxwell recently sat down with HOT97 and during his interview he was asked about music, his answered inspired me. As a singer-songwriter myself, I always felt like music should be what you feel, and it should, I think Maxwell would agree, but he made a very good point about longevity and making classic music;

“…so I say to the youth and people who are coming up and making music its like, look at your lyrics because you’re gonna have to sing those lyrics when you’re 60 or 50 if you really wanna be in the game…”

     Genius! It comes to no surprise he thinks this way. Maxwell have us “Woman”, and “Pretty Wings” songs that will stand the test of time, that are good, and full of honesty, which is exactly what “Lake By The Ocean” exudes:

     “Lake By The Ocean” is a beautiful song, full of soul and good energy. It’s a reminder of Male Romance and strength in masculinity without the unnecessarily added “I’m a thug, angry gangster Black Man” subtext. A song of honesty from Maxwell’s view point, but a song that is relatable to everyone. Maxwell understands how to make you see beauty through his words without an image reference. Maxwell, is simply good music! The interview above continues to talk about his struggles with being part Haitian and Puerto Rican and not feeling 100 percent Afrikan and having to deal with that when it comes to Soul, music and life in general, but I say, Maxwell is music, Maxwell is Soul.

#SOULdiers, don’t you agree?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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