Wendy Williams Takes Us Behind The Scenes From House To TalkShow


Wendy Williams is a must in daytime tv! Say what you want about the gab-expert, but my Jersey Queen is extremely inspiring. Wendy Williams is known for her hit “After Show” via her Youtube channel where she takes you behind the scenes after The Wendy Williams Show is over.

It shows inspiring talk show hosts, actors, and people who aspire to have million dollar platforms how to be professional! During each After Show Wendy lets the audience look in on her staff, how the show operates, closes down, and even start up, but this time, Wendy took it to another level!

Clearly inspired by the car-pool video theme everyone is doing, and clearly sponsored by Chevy, Wendy and her trusty producer Susan hit the road from Wendy’s house, to the show and we get to see just how much work it takes to get the job done. A job many say is all together too easy, and a waste of time, but if there are viewers, there is a need, and Wendy is that inspirational need!

And if you look closely, there is an entire staff of people telling her what to talk about, and most of them are not people of colour, so cut the Afrikan American bashing, we all like HOT TOPICS! Wendy is a business woman, a mother, an executive, an open book saying it like she means it, and this latest behind the scenes video is no different:

#SOULdiers, inspiring isn’t it?!

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