Official Trailer: Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut Star In Suspense Thriller “When The Bough Breaks”

Regina Hall

Great Concept, Exciting Thriller, And A New Comer?

Regina Hall, Morris Chestnut, Romany Malco, Michael K. Williams, Theo Rossi new comer Jaz Sinclair all star in what will absolutely be a box office hit film, “When The Bough Breaks”. The title of the film is what grabbed my attention. It stems from the nursery rhyme and lullaby “Rock-A-Bye-Baby”, which if you think about it, boughs breaking and babies falling isn’t exactly a nice lullaby, but I digress. The second thing that grabbed my attention was Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut, two powerhouse actors who always deliver great performances and great films.

Regina Hall being an extremely versatile actress from her perfect comedic timing in movies like “Scary Movie 4” to her debut role as the now legendary Candy, she can do it all. And Morris Chestnut is on fire with his new hit television serious “Rosewood” which was renewed for a second season, I mean, this is perfection!


The trailer will grab you, even though some might say the plot is typical, I think there are going to be added twists that we did not see coming that will make for an OMG moment in and out of the theatre. Not to mention, new comer Jaz Sinclair!!! Not only is she stunning, which doesn’t really matter if she cannot act, but she’s in good company so you know she brought her A game. Not knowing who she is, from this trailer, I already want to know more!! Farbeit from me to assume the best from a performance I haven’t seen yet, but when I tell you Jaz Sinclair is here to stay, I see a bright future for this woman!

The movie is about a powerhouse couple who are looking to have a child through surrogacy, but of course things go wrong watch the trailer and let me know, HIT or MISS:

#SOULdiers are we going to see this in September?!

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4 comments Add yours
  1. Can’t wait……
    This is a HIT!
    From what was shown in the trailer a very
    suspenseful drama…
    I love Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut
    Count me in
    I’m going to see this movie when it’s released on September

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