Lady Leshurr #UNLESHED Panda Freestyle Solidifies Her As A Rap Game Changer With Unique Style:


Brown Gal Rapping Her Own Cadence. ..

 Lady Leshurr is an England born rapper that went viral in 2015 for her epic freestyles and unique flow of her coined “Queen Speech”. It was her cultured flow, and her lyrics that made the world stop and say; “Who’s This?”. The Queen recently released another smash freestyle solidifying her flow and presence in the game yet again, “Panada Freestyle” which seems to be just part one of a series of #UNLESHED freestyles and music coming soon from Lady Leshurr, a touchy ending, but a real one where she asks; Why can’t you just see what I did for myself? She’s come a long way and you can’t tell me this aint fire;

Lyric Quotables; 
"...You Must Be Dumb, If You're Number Two. ..I MUST Be 1.."

"...Cause' Brush Your Teeth Got My Mom A Mortgage That Was The Tool You Spanners..."

"...Im Grown, So What, Im Older Respect Your Elders Have Some Manners, Cause' Im Sure Age, Ain't Got, Nothing To Do With Talent!..."

"...I Be Getting Chauffeured You Be Getting Taxi..."

"...Girls Wanna Be Me In Every Way, Break Your CD Up In Ya Face..."

"...Please Stop Tweeting You Look Dead With Your Natural Hair, You Look Dead When You've Got Weave In..."

"...Are You Serious? These Girls Are Delirious, They Must Be On They Periods, Move From Me With Ya Smelly Bacterias. ..That's Not Cute..."

In a matter of minutes her fans made this video go from 0 views to over 10,000 MINUTES! With that kind of pull, that flow, uniqueness’s and style, she is slowly but surely on her way to becoming a Rap Icon. Not to mention, she’s doing it in the face of adversity as a Brown gal with beautiful dark skin! Lady Leshurr is it!

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