D’Angelo Tearful Tribute To Prince “Sometimes It Snows In April” Feat. Maya Rudolph Is Moving


The Definition Of Beauty And Soul. .. A Powerful Tribute To The Prince…Prince

     D’angelo gives an honest tribute to Prince on the Jimmy Fallon show. The tribute featured Princess, a cover band featuring A-List actress/comedian extraordinaire Maya Rudolph and group member Gretchen Lieberum. D’angelo, who was, and is greatly inspired by Prince, often referenced, especially in his early years of musicianship to sound similar to Prince, was more than just a fan of Prince. D’angelo looked up to him as a mentor, which makes his tribute even more special. D’angelo being a multi-instrumentalist like Prince, having an eccentric vibe in fashion and style, and of course his undeniable voice that soars so high and with the flavorful “e” sound that tins your ears, its no wonder many thought they sounded alike. There is no one better to do a tribute!

“I often Dream Of Heaven, And I Know That. … Prince is There…”

     The night was filled with surprise guest giving tribute to Prince, but it was Maya Rudolph, daughter of the late, great Minnie Riperton singing the backing vocals with her group Princess that shocked everyone. It was perfection, beautiful, soul-filled and something worthy of a Prince tribute. D’Angelo’s voice absolutely captures you and sends chills instantly down your soul, this was perfection, but it was when D’angelo started to cry, that my tears soon followed;

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  1. Powerful… That man touched so many people. Truly a musical genius. I’m still in shock….

  2. One of my favourite tracks D the Angel O does a beautiful rendition.Fitting tribute to a Musical and artistic genius…..SALUTE

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