“Southside With You” Official Trailer The Love Story Of Michelle And Barack Obama First Date


The Romantic Comedy Of The Century. ..

     John Legend executive produces “Southside With You” a romantic comedy about Michelle Robinson, and Barack Obama’s first date. The film is set to finally be released nation wide August 26th in theaters. The film premiered earlier this year at the coveted Sundance Film Festival, and now its ready for the big screens.

      Southside With You stars Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson, and Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama. Talk about perfect casting, not only do they resemble each of the characters they are playing, they sound alike, and they are both amazing actors able to pull it off. This movie is going to fill the hearts of millions for a lifetime, its already a classic and its not even out yet, even this trailer is amazing. Its a film that takes place in one day, the most epic of epic first dates ever and we get to see how Michelle Robinson started to become Michelle Obama its beautiful beyond belief;

#SOULdiers, we are certainly going to see this!!!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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