Janet Jackson “Dammn Baby” Music Video Letting The Industry Know She Is QUEEN



Janet Jackson Is Here To Let Us KNOW…

     Janet Jackson “Damn Baby” music video is a sassier side of Janet that we all miss. This Black and White music video features Janet Jackson’s dancers including her younger dancers whipping hair, rolling necks and letting the world know just exactly who Ms Jackson is. The lyrics to “Damn Baby” are exactly what people need to hear now-a-days;

Ya same ol’ song
Is draggin me down
Not good for my body
Change it up
Cuz it ain’t nothing like
Having your own ID
My lanes been stuck
I’ve never been afraid
To swich oh no not me
And they show me love
For being original
And tell ’em make room
Shake the room
Bang bang ya gon gon get it
You gotta get up off that grey line
And can’t nobody tell you
What you can’t do
Shut that down automatic
And I’ll guarantee they’ll fall in line
Watch ’em all go
A brand new movement
That started with a
Conversation in a café
It’s all about love
And how we ain’t gon never let
Words get in the way
When you’re giving it up
It’s never what you say
It sayin’ what you do
You wanna show me love
Let’s keep that conversation honey







     The lyrics are clear, have your own identity! Janet Jackson is making us understand why these flops now-a-days will never last. She lyrically speaks on the same ol music she ignores to protect her body, which is something I do. You cannot consume garbage and think it will not negatively affect your body. She speaks about the fans showing her love even if she switches it up which Janet is famous for. That grey line Janet speaks of is the neutral line, boring line, grey is flat and uninteresting but then she encourages and says dont let anybody tell you what you can’t do shut that down automatic, and I guarantee they’ll fall in line and watch em all go Damn Baby!

We Got You #SOULdiers

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8 comments Add yours
  1. Yes! This is one of the best songs on the album and a perfect summer jam! I am so glad there is a view for this hot jam! Omg!

  2. Yesssssss Janet……..Come Pass! You Redefine 50 Hunteeee! I been loving this track wen i first heard it off the Unbreakable Cd. Now i love it even more with this visual clap down video

  3. Oh My Gosh Janet!! Your HAIR
    AND the lyrics to this song are giving me LIFE! LOOOOVE!! Go Janet!! Loooove you!!

  4. Yesssssss I sooooo love Janet Damn Baby song .. Frm the simplicity of the black and white video To the Fierceness of the dance moves in this video. I also love rhe words expecially the lyrics DON’T LET NOBODY TELL YOU WHAT CAN’T DO…..SHUT THAT DOWN AUTOMATIC!….AND I GUARANTEE THEY’LL FALL IN LINE

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