Jazmine Sullivan Poses In Bodysuit For Art Class “MASTERPIECE” Collab With BKSTG



Jazmine Sullivan poses in a beautiful bodysuit for art students in her latest project with BKSTG. “Masterpiece” which is a single from Jazmine Sullivan’s latest album “Reality Show” is a powerful piece that speaks on the beauty of ones self and loving ones self no matter the adversity. Jazmine Sullivan took to art students to paint and draw their vision of her. Jazmine is an advocate for curvy women and men;

“‘What do I hope people get from this? That there’s beauty in so many different ways’…I’m so proud to be partnered with Bkstg on this passion project. Masterpiece is something I wanted to create exclusively for my fans to celebrate diversity in body image….Following the Ebony cover, I wanted to create more conversation about the need to represent and celebrate woman in all sizes, shapes and colors. To me, there’s no better place to explore these topics than through the arts, where everyone can weigh in with their own interpretation.”

#SOULdiers, Are You A Masterpiece?! I Am!

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