Keke Wyatt Tearfully Covers Prince’s “Diamonds And Pearls” & Delivers An Explosive Performance

The Loss Of Prince…

     Keke Wyatt covers Prince’s “Diamonds And Pearls”. Her vocals are absolutely transcendent and anointed. She starts off with beautiful lows and of course takes us higher than high all before having a breakdown right before our eyes. True musicians and singings adored Prince because of his boldness, activism in and out of music, his musicianship, lyrics, style, class and love for his Race. Keke Wyatt pays tribute while promoting her new album “Rated Love” which you can read more about here. Hit play and let her vocals take you there, where ever there is;

Tweet this to Keke and let her know @TheBLACKMedia sent you. Her Twitter is @KekeWyattSings. Let us all mourn a magical loss together, enjoy Keke’s cover #SOULdiers;

#SOULdiers, leave a comment below using only 3 words to describe her cover.

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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110 comments Add yours
  1. I just became a fan. WOW!!! I Love Prince and I know he’s up there smiling down on you.

  2. Go KEKE!!!! That is my girl, she is a beast with those vocals. From my hometown “NAPTOWN” stand ☝……LOVED IT!!!!

  3. Absolutely love Keke’s voice!! You can feel her love for Prince in her voice. ??

  4. Keke Wyatt, your gift is amazing. I love this tribute that you’ve created, simply AMAZING!!! Your voice has never disappointed me, regardless what you were singing it was amazing. We need to hear more of you on the radio and touring. You are touching lives with the gift God has given you. Continue to be blessed…❤️ ????

  5. I love her she is really the coldest in the game. Her vocals are superb and always on point. We need more artists like her on the damn radio… Keke we love you girl..


  7. I think the “Purple One” would approve. Keke did an awesome job of covering this song. It’s one of my favorites.

  8. I wonder if he knew how much he was loved.
    Beautiful Keke.
    Wish he was still here. He will/is missed.

  9. Im super glad I can bring that to you! Keke is amazing! And Welcome #SOULdier to TheBLACKMedia

  10. Three words perfectly executed!! And I couldn’t agree more! Thanks #SOULdier

  11. Naptown in the building! You know her Mother can sing like that too right!?

  12. Absolutely! Even in the intro with those low notes!!! Touched my soul!

  13. I love love love her. She’s been one of my favorites for years. She sung that song and made me tear up in the process. Gone head KeKe????

  14. My hat off to Mrs. Keke Wyatt. I think Prince would be proud she did an awesome job.?

  15. Keke Wyatt is one of THE BEST FEMALE VOCALIST EVER……..HANDS DOWN! I almost threw my phone several times listening to her and the vocal acrobatics that I was blessed to hear! I love her and I cried with her as I saw and felt her love for Prince! I love her even more now . The world is sleeping on Keke, y’all better wake up!

  16. Perrrrrfectt!!! 3 Word I love this one! lol Just Beyond Beautiful and so true! Great job #SOULdier

  17. Such an underated female vocalists!!!!! I absolutely enjoyed this!!!! I cried while watching her execute this song to pure perfection!!!! Thank You KeKe for everything you bring to the life of music!!!!!

  18. The Lord above has gifted you with such a amazing, spiritual and phenomenal voice.
    As a long time follower of the incomparable Prince, it is my opinion that he is proud of this tribute.
    Keke is the truth and will go down in history as one of the most sincere and best to ever do it.
    May the Lord keep you and contiue to guide you Ms Whyatt.

  19. I am A Male Vocalist and I am gonna cover Her cover of this song.. This rendition is off the chain.. #SheDidThatThere… I will let U guys know when I do My version.. Who knows maybe We could do a duet…

  20. Simply amazing!……Keke Wyatt is a phenomenal vocalist! Prince is smiling from ear to ear.

  21. Keke wyatt has a beautiful voice prince is smiling saying u better sing my song please let her do his tribute

  22. Keke, that was amazing. Your talent is undeniable. Please cover more of his tracks. That was awesome.

  23. wow!!!! dope three words, and TWO TRUER WORDS!! Absolutely cultivating! and emotional

  24. I’m sure he’d be thrilled! She saaaang it in her Keke soulful way! Beautiful job!!!

  25. Wow…she put her heart into that. Very nice. I think he would have liked her performance. ????

  26. Woooow….as an EXTREME, lol, Prince fan I don’t like too many “others” renditions of his music..just leave greatness alone..BUT Ms KeKe did that!! tears

  27. I looooved it!!!! But I’m a huge keKe fan,,,, she took diamond & pearls & put her own personality to it,, there was a purple glow shinning on her, Bless u keke & R. I.H PRINCE?

  28. Awesome voice! She is so underated. Beautiful cover for that song! Love you Keke you are my favorite voice to listen to. Beautiful tribute! Brought tears to my eyes

  29. Absolutely beautiful!!! I just love Miss KeKe. One of the few voices that actually stirs my soul from the first note to the last.

  30. Truly heartfelt compelling performance. She cried for him while singing. I am sure he cried tears of joy hearing her sing it! I love this song. I bought the cassette album when it came out in the 90s….She even brought tears to my eyes hearing her feel for him….RIH PRINCE! Bless you Keke…

  31. Powerful voice to sing a beautiful sons written and performed by one of the most gifted legends of our time. And I love the cover which explicits the reality of love.

    Thank you

  32. Amazing!!! She has a beautiful voice!!! Only gets better with time!!! Just love her!!!

  33. KeKe is one Bad B. She is so beautifully talented and can sang ANYTHING and kill it. I’m a lifetime fan

  34. OhMy!! It made me tear up. My deepest condolences n im prwtty sure prince is smiling up on heaven tht yu dud tht cover. Yu sang it beautifully. #riLovePrince

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