Chance The Rapper Performs New Single “Blessings” LIVE Singing & Rapping True Consciousness


Young, Talented, And With Something To Say

     Chance The Rapper new single; “Blessings” debuted live on Jimmy Fallon, while I had no idea who Chance The Rapper was, heard of him, but didn’t realize he was a rapper/singer, because of my love of Jimmy I ran across a great find. Chance The Rapper is a 23 year old artist from Chicago who bought his first rap album in 2004, Kanye West’s “The College Dropout”. After which his years of R&B and Soul listening gained a new genre, rap, but in the style of what many consider the olden days, having something good to say! While Im all for the balance of music and the turn up of it all, its important that not everyone disrespects women, culture, each other and God in rap music, and it seems Chance knows exactly where his blessings are coming from;

     While the vocals weren’t as strong as they could be the performance and the words are far superior. Considering his age, Chance seems to be a woke individual who’s working towards something other than what many rappers seek, it seems he has a message, which is something that’s missing in the young world of hip-hop. Chance is not slowing down you can catch him featured on songs with Justin Bieber, BJ the Chicago Kid, and even James Blake, which Im sure most of you already knew, I’m just late to the kid, but the kid is dope, I’m almost a new fan, can’t wait to see more from Chance.

#SOULdiers, Are We Digging It?

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