EVE, Angela Bassett & Common Answer Googles Most Searched Questions About Themselves Its Hilarious

Celebrities Answer Google’s Questions, Ha!

WIRED recently interviewed several celebrities asking them to complete Googles auto complete search. You know when you use Google search and as you began to type; “How many cal…” and before you finish the autocomplete pops up and finishes your statement for you? Well, Eve, Common, and Angela Bassett sat down to answer the autocomplete questions in what is a genius idea create by WIRED, an online publication that focus’s on how technology emerges with and affect culture and society. Take a look at Common’s interview;

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Autocomplete is based on an algorithm which uses what you search, and what millions search on google to give you a common, or effective search experience and in the case of Angela Bassett I guess there were millions of people wanting to know if she was alive…or DEAD, hilarious response;

#SOULdiers, Wasn’t This Hilarious, But Informative?!

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