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Jennifer Lopez Is G.O.A.T

     Jennifer Lopez released “Aint Your Mama” music video and it is perfection! A trip through time Jennifer Lopez takes us back and forth through history in her recreation of how times used to be. Women, since the beginning of time have been placed in subservient positions and not given equal rights to Men. Many have tried to use God and the Bible to justify their wrongdoings. For years Women went without the right to vote, equal pay, fairness, opportunity in education and worse some women even to this day are abused and raped by powerful Men and the world does nothing to stop it, partly because the World is run by Men.

Movements like Womens suffrage, Feminist movements and of course the Women’s Rights movement have helped Women become some of the most powerful people on Earth, but still there are many things happening eons later that women of the past faced, and women of today still face. Rape, trafficking, chauvinistic, misogynistic, abusive and rich male sickos are still reigning around the world and many of them, and it, goes un-noticed. Leave it to Jennifer Lopez to not only make a song to empower Women, but to show Men visually and lyrically hey!!!!!! “I Aint Your Mama!!!”. An amazing call to action for all Women to boss up and Men to wake up!

     The quality of this video is superior, its like a movie crafted for theater, its no wonder she had several endorsements carefully placed in this mini-movie, smart move Jen! Either way, its perfect, the best music video I’ve seen in years! It makes sense, its smart, its sexy, but most importantly it illustrates the idea that Men need to do better, and Women need to understand their power. If you’re going to believe what the Bible says then believe this, God nor did Jesus, only write the Bible for MEN, so everything inside of it applies to us all, not just Men. God is all knowing, which means God knew the power that women would have and did not indicate there was something wrong about it, probably because, there’s nothing wrong with Women not cooking, cleaning, looking sexy at all times, having babies, taking care of the house etc. IF THEY DONT WANT TO shiiiiiiittttt they aint your mama!!! Tell em Jen;

“I aint gone be cooking all day…I AINT YOUR MAMA…I aint gone do your laundry I AINT YOUR MAMA…When you gone get yo act together? I AINT YOUR MAMA…”

     It was recently brought to my attention after writing this post that the record used was produced by Dr. Luke who allegedly raped Kesha. Fans are upset that Jennifer Lopez used his record assuming she knew about the allegations of rape. I had no idea of none of this until a reader pointed it out to me, which I found absurd! I love Jennifer Lopez and will not stop supporting her because she used an instrumental track from a POSSIBLE rapist, which we have no way of knowing if Jennifer knew about this alleged rape before hand or not. Artist tend to record records a year in advance or months in advance, we have no way of knowing and for me to stop supporting my Latina Queen because of someone else’s wrongdoings is absolutely stupid. ..I support the Queen so…deal.

#SOULdiers, Thoughts On The Video?

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