Janet Jackson Cover Emirates Woman Magazine Looking Stunning And Younger Than Ever


Janet Jackson Scores Another Cover.

Janet Jackson covers Emirates Woman Magazine. Emirates reports its their biggest celebrity cover ever. The cover promotes Janet Jacksons exquisite diamonds collection for sale. Pictures surfaced online this morning showing the singer-songwriter/actress in her latest spread. The photos found are not of high quality yet, but once the official release happens, you know TheBLACKMedia got you. Either way, its a score for Janet Jackson.

Amidst her pregnancy rumors, Janet Jackson has been keeping her mouth closed. As Janet said to her real fans, if its not coming from her lips, its simply not true. Since Janet herself has not confirmed that she is pregnant, its all just speculation. Id want to keep my mouth closed too if I was Janet, its bad enough to be young and pregnant with a possibility of losing a baby and having to deal with that. But to be older and pregnant with a higher chance of losing a baby and being a super-mega-star…yea I’d be hush too. My prayers are with you Janet.

Scans Taken From A Super Fan Of Janet’s Spread:

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