Steve Harvey Signs Tamar Braxton To Produce Her Own Show & Tamar Talks The Real


Steve Harvey’s Got Ya!

Watch Tamar Full Video Tearfully Explaining Her Being Fired From The Real Click Here

Tamar Braxton interview on the Steve Harvey morning show aired Thursday June 2nd 2016. During the interview Steve Harvey and the team wanted to know what we all wanted to know, what happened to Tamar on The Real? Did she get fired? Why did she get “let go”? All of it, and Steve got it all. Tamar opened up about a lot of the things that happened on the real.


On how the news was brought to her. Waiting in her glam room; “[Vince] just looked distraught and confused he was just like, I think you got fired…my heart sunk into my shoes. I pretty much fell over. I loved going to work.”

When Steve Harvey ask was their problems leading up to her being let go; “God, no. You know when you love your job? There are no issues. You’re not complaining about much. You’re not fighting with anybody. Me and the girls got along, so I thought. We were on hiatus for about three weeks. For this to come out of the blue was just astonishing.”

After explaining what she meant by “so I thought” and discovering that the girls and Tamar were fine leading up to her being let go, some encouraging words, which fans thought were forced and disingenuous, Steve Harvey made a huge announcement. Tamar even announced on Braxton Family Values that she has her own TALK SHOW through Steve’s company, check out the announcement;

Full Interview Here

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  1. I will not watch the real never again. Tamar made the show,she was like a breath of fresh air. she is real and such good humor. The show will be dull without her because the other co-hosts are phony and not real. Congraulations to tamar on your new talk show. God Bless!!!

  2. I love her so much learn to humble yourself if you like it or not. You shouldn’t cuss at all. I glad that god show up and show you favor in the mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty mighty name of Jesus amen. I am very proud of you god bless.

  3. I watched Tamar on The Real but I never saw Tamar until she was on Steve Harvey show. On The Real I could not see the GLOW…POISE…BEAUTY. God work’s. I love the way you handled it. Steve you are a true blessing. My mother passed Oct. 31, 2012. I tried so many time’s to reach out to you so you could say hello to her but I was going through the reality of what was about to happen. It has been 4 year’s but today for me since she has passed so if you ever get the chance could you say hello to my mother in heaven. Her name is Doris Stevens she loved you. So I am not surprised at what you did for Tamar. Your mother taught you well and I feel it everytime I watch you. The love you have for your mother. You don’t know how much seeing you like that touch me so deep. Because when you still have those feelings and they still effect you in that way it push you more to keep going. Steve and Tamar be blessed.

  4. Tamar, I am a Tamartian and am proud of it! I love everything about you and your family. Girl, you have grown sooooo much in the last few years. God is working with you. Know that your firing is bigger than you. Actually, it’s not even about you. God is revealing the onset of what he is about to do in your life. I’m so glad you’re not blaming the producers of The REAL, because they were just a conduit used by God in your elevation process. I’m so thankful to God for having so many safety nets in place to capture you. Safety nets such as your faith, family and a few true friends. Toni’s comforting you was awesome!!! She’s a magnificent big sister. I think I can relate to you, because in 2014, I was at the top of my game on my job as a school nutrition director in my county. Some people in my community were jealous of my husband’s salary as the high school principal, combined with mine in the same county. They thought 2 black people shouldn’t be making almost $200, 000 in our small county. As I said, I was fired anf my husband was moved to an alternative school, which included a huge pay cut. Ee eere both on top of our game. We we reveiving state and nationally recognition for our acvomplishments. Our world was turn topsy-turvy. Just prior to all of this, my 50 year old brother died of diabetes complications; my 60 year old uncle died 2 months later from the same type of complications; 2 days later my 50 year old first cousin/ childhood best friend died from colon issues. In March of 3015, my daf passed of diabetes complications. Shortly after my 11 year old Tamar wanna be, divalicious daughter was diagnosed with Type1 diabetes. Through all of that, I can only say GGT, which means God’s Got This!!! This saying is something God gave me before my world was turned upside down. I shared it at a New Year’s Eve service at church in 2012. My pastor had tshirts made with the saying and it had been made into my church’s motto. Feel free to use it to draw strength in your weak moments, because you’ll still have some. You may never know why you were fired, but you do know who’s got this. Stay your real self; you represent girls and young women from all walks of life. That’s what I love about you. You can relate to people of all races and classes. You are going to shine wherever you go!! Live love and keep on getting your life! Won’t He do it!!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

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