Bobby Brown Will Finally Speak About Bobbi Christina & Whitney Houston ABC2020


A Blessing. ..

     Bobby Brown “Every Little Step” an exclusive interview with ABC 2020 Robin Roberts airs June 7th 2016 at 10. Bobby Brown will finally speak on Whitney Houston, and his beloved daughter Bobbi Christina. The untimely death of both his ex-wife and daughter kept Bobby quiet and still. We’ve seen him breakdown on stage during concerts, and pass the media when asked about his daughter and Whitney. While many may disagree, this is a blessing to us. It offers healing to the fans of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Christina who had a promising career as an actress.

Bobby Brown did not have to do this interview, he could’ve stayed quiet the entire time, but doing this, and releasing his book “Every Little Step” offers the world healing and understanding, a peace that is often not given, so instead of calling the family awful names and asking why…understand that this is a tragedy and give the man a break;

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