Chrisette Michele Is Dancing In Her New Music Video “Unbreakable” An Ode To The 80s


She’s Unbreakable

Chrisette Michele released “Unbreakable” the single to her latest album “Milestone” which you can purchase today on iTunes. Its an uplifting record, keeping the Chrisette Michele sound that we all love, but lifting us with powerful lyrics;

“You Can Keep On Trying, You Cant Break Us Down…Our Love’s On Fire, Unbreakable Love”

The music video for Unbreakable is a clear ode to the Pop 80s with high light colors, fashion, and style. But the feat that will shock most people, which shocked me, is Chrisette Michele dancing! Darren Dewitt Henson, well known for choreographing Britney Spears in her early years, acted as the choreographer for “Unbreakable”. While Chrisette has never been an artist to “follow the rules” per say, dancing is something we’ve never seen her do before. I think its diva! Unbreakable;

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  1. Love my girl.. But she needs to break up with her manager.. #Hated it!!!. She’s to much of a power Singer for such a “catchy” song.

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