Debbie Allen Delivers A Strong Message About Violence So Timely For #Orlando


Debbie’s Right On Time. ..

     Debbie Allen delivers a powerful message about violence on #OWNShow a brand new exclusive digital-series featured on OWN Tv. The message is about realization, remembering, feeling, and knowing who you are as compared to those that exists around you. I often say, we are all more alike than we are different, and Debbie, I’m sure would agree.

In recent events, Orlando suffered a deadly terror that shocked the world. A man, armed with a military style machine gun, walked into an LGBTQ Club, Pulse, and shot and killed over 50 people and left many injured. At the top of the month OWN and Debbie released the video below and its so timely, violence solves nothing. Maybe this video, her words, her light, her kindness and realization of where we exist can help you, or someone you know Turn AWAY from violence;


#OWNShow is a new exclusive digital series on Packaged into snackable moments, the show brings together stories, life-tips, and personalities from, OWN, and O Magazine with interactive elements from YOU, the community.”

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