First Look: Danai Gurira As Afeni Shakur In Tupac Biopic “All Eyez On Me” Cast & More


Perfect Casting

Danai Gurira, star of The Walking Dead, and creator of the hit broadway production; “Eclipsed” will now star as the legendary, and powerful political activist and mother of Tupac Shakur, Afeni Shakur. Tupac’s Biopic is being created by the hands of Benny Boom, famous music video director and entertainment mogul. Before the untimely death of Afeni Shakur who at the time was an executive producer on this project, Afeni was said to’ve hand picked Danai to play her in this major production. A win for such a powerful actress, she will do this role justice.

All Eyez On Me, the title of the Tupac Shakur biopic, which is also the name of his best selling album selling over 10 million copies in the US making it a rare diamond album, will be one of theaters greatest movies. The cast includes new comer, actor Demetrius Shipp Jr. who’s resemblance to 2Pac is so uncanny, you literally won’t believe your eyes;

demetrius shipp jr theblackmedia 2016 tupac biopic

The cast also includes; Kat Graham as Jada Pinkett, Jamal Woolard (who played Biggie in Notorious), Dominic L Santana as Suge Knight, Hill Harper and the list goes on. The casting is perfect, and against a huge 45 million dollar budget, this movie is sure to be of quality, expertise, and passion, as 2Pac meant a lot to so many people, and still does. After the passing of Afeni, the passion grew stronger. The trailer of the film is on it’s way accord to the official instagram page. The film was shot in Atlanta, and has been seen by several people in the industry, including Ashanti, The Game & Big Boy;

all eyez on me suge knight theblackmedia 2016


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