Amber Rose Gets VH1 Talk Show Produced By Dr. Phil & Scores A Major Radio Deal


Amber Rose Neo-Fem Queen

Amber Rose talk show the “Amber Rose Show” airs July 8th 11pm on VH1. After much scrutiny in the public eye for dating Kanye West, and marrying, now divorced ex husband Wiz Khalifah, Amber Rose is finally more than just a girlfriend/wife to a famous rapper. Amber Rose is building an empire. She is an advocate for ridding “slut-shaming” a trend, and taught behavior in society where mostly Men, and some Women unfairly shame Women for being free, sexual, and similar to Men. Amber Rose helped kick off a “slut-walk” which encompasses encouragement to women who’ve been sexually assaulted, and slut shamed after hearing about a woman who started slut-walks after her terrible sexual assault.

Amber Rose is more than her viral pictures, amazing body, and astonishing looks, and she is proving that one day at a time. With this new VH1 talk show, Amber Rose has a platform to be her free self and express what it is she wants, and how she wants. Something women too often are not afforded. There aren’t many Women in the industry with this power, Azealia Banks is one of them. You may not always agree, but no one should silence a Woman…because she’s a Woman. The talk show will be a late night provocative experience where nothing is off limits. Dr Phil who’d seen Amber Rose on TV and how people responded to her thought she’d be great for television and decided to produce her show.

Dr. Phil;

“VH1 and Amber Rose are the perfect blend – hip, current, and on the cutting edge of what’s trending in pop culture. Amber brings a distinctive point of view to today’s issues and with her celebrity guests, will make for very provocative conversations. We are confident her unique voice will resonate with viewers and will be a distinctive addition to the late night talk show landscape.”

In an interview with HOT97 Amber Rose get’s in depth about The Show and an exclusive about the new Radio Show she scored with CBS radio taking over a coveted position on “LoveLine”;

#SOULdiers, Isn’t This Exciting? Say what you want about the kid, but the kid is making great moves!

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