First Look: New Edition The Movie Coming To BET In 2017 Looks Unbelievably Amazing

new edition-biopic-theblackmedia-2016


The New Edition The Movie Biopic Trailer previewed on the 2016 BET Awards show, and it was Epic! The movie was perfectly cast with actors who resemble the actual members of the group. The film is a three day event that will take place on BET in January 24th 2017 9pm.

The stars of the film include: Luke James as Johnny GillElijah Kelley as Ricky BellKeith Powers as Ronnie DeVoe, Woody McClain as Bobby Brown, and Algie Smith as Ralph Tresvant. Chris Robinson, who also directed “ATL” will direct this biopic, therefore it will be a smash hit, as Chris knows what he’s doing, and it’s set to air in 2017 on B.E.T and Centric!

The movie will feature the life of New Edition from childhood, to starting the group, to becoming Americas first boy band. The ups, the downs, everything, I cannot wait to see this film! Official Trailer;

Check Out The Cast Behind The Scenes:

#SOULdiers, Aren’t We Ready For This MOVIE?!

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