It’s Official Jill Scott Gets Married To Now Husband Mike Dobson In Nashville


Jill’s Married Nah. ..

This past weekend Jill Scott tied the knot and got married to Mike Dobson in Nashville. Pictures flooded the internet of the news, but many were unsure if it was a film she was shooting, a hoax, or simply a made up story, but after further research, and a video that surfaced Jill Scott is official married! Like most celebrities who’ve had past relationships in the public eye, or being in the public eye themselves, keeping things on the low is a common practice. While we had no idea of this engagement, I’m glad Jill was able to have something private before the vultures get to it. Congrats Jill, you looked unbelievably amazing. DJ Mars broke the news to social media, and its unclear if he was supposed to or not, but either way, we are happy for the Queen.

While there’s little to no information about who Mike Dobson is, I believe that’s a good thing, but I trust Jill to marry someone who can take care of her, she’s a strong woman, who needs a strong man, and from the looks of it, he is;

#SOULdiers, Aren’t we Happy For Jill?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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  1. Congratulation !!! Yay!!! I get married this year.I love u jill u have a blessed marriage!

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