Who Is Irvin Randle? #MrStealYourGrandma Viral Sex Symbol Broke The Internet Tell His Story


Mr. Steal Your Grandma…

Irvin Randle is a 54 year old grandfather who recently went viral as Mr. Steal Ur Grandma. After a Facebook friend asked to share a photo of his on their page, Randle agreed and the rest is history. In less than an hour that picture garnered over 37,000 likes, and it went higher and higher from there.

“My daughter called me from California and said, Dad you’re on Twitter now, I said no Jessica I’m not on Twitter I don’t have a Twitter account. She said well you’re Trending on Twitter…I said What?”

Randle is a 3rd grade teacher in Texas who’s love of fashion started when he was younger. He took to fitness to stay healthy and alive longer to see his two grand kids grow up. Now referred to as Hot Grandpa this viral King is showing the world that you can be older and still in shape, fashionable, and live an exciting life style. It doesn’t end at 50;




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  1. To Mr $teal your Grandma
    I’m a 51 year sexy young lady waiting for you to break in and steal me

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