Amerikkka Wants Us To Fear Them: Alton Sterling Unjustly Brutally Murdered By White Cops


R.I.P – Alton Sterling

On July 5th Alton Sterling was murdered by white police officers after the police station received an anonymous call that a B.L.A.C.K man in a red shirt selling CD’s threatened him with a gun. Seems like that was more then enough information for the white cops of Baton Rouge Louisiana, the B.L.A.C.K part, not the detailed description of what Sterling was wearing. After responding to the anonymous tip, two white cops showed up and murdered, in cold blood, Alton Sterling. Abdullah Muflahi, owner of the store Alton was selling his CD’s in front of, and friend of Alton a father of three says he witnessed the entire murder;

“He was screaming, ‘What did I do,’ ‘What’s going on’….“His hand was not in his pocket, nor did he have the gun in his hand…“While he was laying there dying, the cop went inside his pocket to pull the gun out…” 

Abdullah Muflahi

Police confiscated the footage from the store, but luckily someone recorded the entire event. If they hadn’t, maybe this would’ve been another cover up. According to the Daily News it’s legal to be in possession of a gun in Louisiana without a permit. The cops who murdered Alton shot him in his chest, and his back. A cold blooded thing to do to an unarmed man. It wasn’t until after Alton died that the cops allegedly went inside of his pocket to remove a gun he held, but cops have not confirmed if Alton was in possession of a weapon. They do confirm however that he was in possession of being B.L.A.C.K, which to many, is in fact, a weapon.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 8.44.27 AM


Amerikkka wants us to fear them. According to Mapping Police Violence US Census Bureau over 1,100 deaths in 2015 occurred at the hands of police, and over 300 of them were people of colour. The message is clear, the message is growing. Supremacist want us to know who’s in control. The fact that B.L.A.C.K Men and Women are fearful of leaving their houses in fear of running into the wrong white cop, having to discern if they are for you or against you, is a huge problem. If you’re reading this, we do not fear you, you should not fear them for the enemy does not kill if not threatened. Fear is what causes most people to react in ways that can seem unforgivable, white supremacist fear us, they bread racism in their fear. They fear the inevitable, their loss of power and control, they fear unity because it goes against the structure their four fathers created to keep the rich, rich, and the poor, poor. Alton’s death is just another reason to unify.

Peaceful protest took place after the shooting and is still going on. Alton Sterling did not deserve to die this way. Justice must be served. #SOULdiers, Pray for Alton’s family and the people of Baton Rouge.

From A Different Angel…WARNING GRAPHIC

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