EXCLUSIVE: TheBLACKMedia TALKLiVE Interview’s Isaiah Galloway Who’s Viral Rant Sparked UNITY A Movement

Isaiah Galloway Is More Then Just A Random Ranter. ..

Isaiah Galloway recently went viral after uploading the above video to Facebook live after being disgusted with “Lets Make Amerikkka White Again”. Isaiah Galloway, a White Texan who’s best friend started a movement couldn’t believe the disgust that Donald Trump and those like him spewed about going back in time;

“…Since when the fuck has Amerikkka ever been white? What? Nobody came over here and killed the indians? And whenever we brought black folks over here to do the work…come on man”




Isaiah and his best friend Josh Wright pictured above didn’t want what he said in the viral rant to go in vain so together they started a movement. The #‎TAPTERN‬ movement which stands for; TAKE A PICTURE TO END RACISM NOW and with over 6,000 and counting joining the Facebook group and now Facebook page, you know TheBLACKMedia.org had to get Isaiah on the podcast to learn more about his noble deeds Listen;

Notable Quotes;

“…you come and have a drink with me and find out who I am before you start hating on me…”

“The only reason slavery ever existed it was behind the dollar…and if slavery never existed would their be so much turmoil in America today?”

“…what does most American do when they get off work? They get home crack open a beer turn on the news and we are bombarded and forced to eat the shit the media feeds down our throat…the media is telling us who to hate, its like they’re almost telling us which side to pick between Black lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, Donald Trump with this shit about people coming over here illegally making money, you know what if you think these people from Mexico are stealing our jobs then get your bitch ass out there and swing a got damn hammer….they stealing our jobs? No ya’ll don’t wanna do this shit, this shit is hard got damn work and it takes tough mother fuckers to do a tough job…”

“…The only difference between anybody is the pigmentation if you’re so simple to look at a the next man by the way he looks and never sit down and get to know him, you’re part of the fucking problem man, you need to be proud of who you are…”

“…Im a Man before Im White”

“…If they can keep us divided by the colour of our skin and keep us focused on that, we’re not focused on the real problem, the real problem is Greed…there are people who own the media, who own FOX news, they own CNN, they own all this shit…and you never hear about THEM in the news. All they’re worried about is that got damn dollar in their pocket…”


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  1. I’m proud of these young men from my hometown. As a middle aged female who happens to be white, I’m excited about something positive for us all! I admit I judge people by how they act and I’ve started to realize actions are often a result of hurt and fear.

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