Queen SeVyn Streeter Is Back With A Banga’ “Prolly” Feat. Gucci Mane Is The New Bop Listen:


It’s A Bop!

     SeVyn Streeter releases her new record “Prolly” featuring Gucci Mane which appears to be a buzz single for her upcoming album. Fans have been waiting years for SeVyn to release an official album, rocking out to her successful singles like; “It Wont Stop” and both of her successful EP’s “Call Me Crazy But…” and her latest EP released last year “Shudda Been There PT1”.

It appears this new club banga is SeVyn’s way of letting her fans know, the album is soon to come, this record is a smash! It’s a party sound, with SeVyn’s signature songwriting style using one word and finding it’s uses throughout life and condensing it to one song. SeVyn is one of many singers like: Lauryn Hill, Usher, En Vogue, who fans are excited to see making a come back. Usher released his new single “No Limit”, En Vogue released “Deja Vu” and now Sevyn’s new bop;



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