Watch Halle Berry In “Kidnap” Her New Suspense Thriller Fighting To Get Her Child Back


The Drama Queen Is Back!

     The academy award winning actress, Halle Berry is back with another suspense thriller; “Kidnap”. It’s a movie about what a parent, a mother in particular, will do to get their child back from crazy kidnappers. In the trailer Halle Berry’s character Karla McCoy goes to the ends of the Earth to retrieve her son, but its the reasons why her son was kidnapped that we will have to wait for. What a thrill! Fans of Halle are already talking, one even mentioned the pattern Halle seems to have in choosing films;


This tweeter does have a point. Halle starred in “Losing Isaiah” and “The Call”, fans are hilarious, but Halle knows what she’s doing, she shines in suspense thrillers and they must be a joy to make. You can catch Halle Berry in the second installment of “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” coming to theaters 2017, but for now, “Kidnap”;

I know one thing, parents will absolutely be afraid of this film…


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