Watch Remy Ma In Husband Papoose New Music Video “Black Love” It’s So Necessary

Papoose “Black Love” Is So Needed;


     Papoose release’s a new music video; “Black Love” which features his wife rapper Remy Ma. Talk about relationship goals! While Im admittedly against modeling a relationship after another’s I do believe you can learn something from the out loud love of these two. Remy Ma who was sentence to prison for over 7 years was blessed with a man who not only stuck it out with her, but once she was released gave her the world, the wedding, and the help she needed to acclimate back into society.


If that’s not “Black Love” I don’t know what is! These two are beautiful, but Papoose is the star here, amazing rapper, one of the greatest freestyle rappers in the country, not only that, but he’s a great man. Many men hate on Pap, claim he ruined the image of a Black Man in the eyes of women because now Black Men have to go above and beyond for their women like Pap does for Remy. It’s this sentiment which makes Pap a unique man, and someone to look up to. Instead of rapping about hoes, drugs, money, and promoting promiscuity and cheating, Papoose promotes love, empowerment, sexiness through loving, and of course fire bars that leaves him one of the few many rappers are afraid to go up against.

Pap is King! But Don’t Take It From Me, Read His Words;

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