Sisterhood: Oprah & Ava Cover THR & The Cast Talks “Queen Sugar” Full Cast Photos:


Power Sisters

     Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay cover THR. Their new show “Queen Sugar” which premiered on OWN with a double premiere September 7th & 8th at an astounding 2million viewers. Considering this is OWN’s first Non-Soap Drama, its a new direction for OWN, and one that seems to be working. Oprah Winfrey Serves as Executive Producer on “Queen Sugar” and Ava DuVernay as lead writer/director in which every single episode of the show has been directed by Women, the first time in recorded history that has ever happened.

     It’s important to see these two bonding on the cover of a magazine, my only woe is that it’s in Black and White. While stylistically, as a photographer, I enjoy a B&W photo, mentally as an activist and humanitarian it’s important for people of colour, to be in colour, on covers. Why? Because there’s a distortive nature around black and white video and images, and up against the many other covers in supermarkets or your local stores, the black and white covers typically are missed. Not to mention our skin colour is often ignored and misinterpreted, a black and white image sitting on the stand next to an extremely tanned white woman can distort our view us as a people, but maybe I’m too deep.

The cast speaks about Oprah and Ava;

Dawn Gardner – “…she [Oprah] said to me, just know that it’s God showing you, you, and to step into it…”

Rutina Wesley – “…she’s [Oprah] as gracious with me, as she is with Dawn, as she is with a crew member…”

Kofi Siriboe –  “…it felt like I was working with a family member [Ava]…”

The Cast Photos:


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