Watch Queen Latifah & Jada Pinkett Smith Back Together In “Girl Trip” 20 Years After “Set It Off”


Back Together Again…

     Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith are back on the screen again, together, in “Girl Trip”. The all star cast also includes Regina Hall,qj and new comer, comedian Tiffany Haddish. Queen and Jada hit the big screen again, but in vastly different roles from 20 years ago “Cleo”, and “Stoney”. Coming up on their 20 year anniversary of “Set It Off”, which was released November 8th 1996, the two join forces again in Malcolm D. Lee’s movie “Girl Trip”.

     While Queen and Jada have been working together for years, its been a long time since we’ve seen the two on screen together, acting. Jada executive produced Queen’s talk-show, so the two have been in contact for years, they consider themselves family. It’s great to see lasting relationships in entertainment, and I’m ready for this film. Malcolm D. Lee is the perfect director for a film like this. He is the reason for the cult classic “The Best Man”, so you know this film is going to be amazing.

“Girl Trip” Coming Summer 2017;


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