#TBT From “Drop It Low” To “FADE” Teyana Taylor Has Captured Millions Since 2009 WATCH


She’s Been Here…

Teyana Taylor was one of the early viral celebrities when “viral” was just starting to become a thing. In her 2009 video practicing choreography to Ester Dean’s “Drop It Low” alongside dance partner and longtime friend Elishah Bowman (who are still friends to this day) Teyana sparked what became a cultural movement throughout high schools and elementary schools and even some colleges. Fans of the video who didn’t even know who Teyana or Elishah was started to recreate her choreography! It’s not surprising considering Teyana got her start as a choreographer as Beyonce’s choreographer for “Ring The Alarm” before she was even signed.


Teyana has been in the game since she was a child, a rare talent in this business, a quote that garnered so much hate and slander on my end for people not knowing enough to say enough. Teyana came on the scene as a solo artist with her debut song “Google Me” (as seen above) fighting it seems the same thing she’s dealing with now, having to “prove” herself to people who feel she is a fly by night artist or “some chick naked dancing”. She is so much more then that. Teyana Taylor is a superstar, and our next big thing! And for those who thought her body was fake, plastic, pre-packaged…the video above clearly shows a 16 year old Teyana Taylor with the exact same face and body. The hate is real in dz streets….

ThrowBackThursday Drop It Low;

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