She Confirms! Janet Jackson Is Pregnant At 50 Years Old And Stunning [Photo]

exclusive personal photo of janet jackson to be used in 10.24 scoop first courtesy solaiman fazel and janet jackson run by gillian telling first

From Her Lips

Janet Jackson finally confirms she is actually pregnant. Rumors spilled over the internet that Janet wasn’t carrying her child, but surrogating, leave it to the Queen of Pop to not only carry a child at 50 years old, but destroy all of those blogs who couldn’t wait for this beautiful photo of her above. Janet is carrying royalty, literally. Her husband Wissam Saleh Al Mana is worth over 1 billion dollars as he is part owner of Al Mana a conglomerate that handles multimillion dollar companies like Nissan, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Added with Janet’s legacy this child is going to be born into something special!

The last official appearance we’ve seen from Janet came from her amazing black and white music video “Dammn Baby”. It shows Janet un-pregnant, dancing, singing, and doing what we love her for. It confused people the release of the video, but as Janet has always told her super fans, unless its from her lips, its not true, and it doesn’t get any more clearer then this!

Congrats Janet from we love you. Janet to People;

“We thank God for our blessing,”

Janet Before The Bump;

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