Watch Adrienne Bailon Sing In Spanish On HOT97 Gave Fans The Chills Now They Want An Album

This Cheetah’s Still Got It

Recently Adrienne Bailon sat with HOT97 to discuss voter registration and to encourage latin voters specifically, but everyone to get out and vote this Nov. 8th. During the interview long time friend in business, Dj Ebro told Adrienne to sing. He asked her why she stopped singing and if she wanted to continue to sing and her response was flawless.


“I wanna do it, I wanna do it again, I definitely wanna do it again, we’ll see. Let me tell you what I dont like…I dont like the idea of like what kind of artist are you gonna be, what kinda song is it gonna be a fusion of this who are you gonna sound like. I genuinely love singing and I hate it when people say; “why dont you sing anymore”, I’m like dude I sing everyday in my shower I’m always singing. But do I wanna do it professionally when people criticize you and say…..that’s not fun anymore……”

Guess Who Else Can Sing On The Real Talk Show, Its Not Just Adrienne

Though she has expressed her concerns for returning to music, having doubt in her “child-like” voice, which to us appears powerful and strong, and super smooth. Adrienne has a gift and she showed it toward the end of the interview, and fans lost their minds. Look:




Adrienne – I hope this encourages you to release an album. Listen to her sing;

Full Interview.


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